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2012 was a hit and miss year on the hobby front.

On the plus side my workshop is more or less complete.  I now have hobby space with a well-lit workbench, sink, and storage space.  This gets my hobby stuff, especially paints and sharp objects, out of reach of my kids hands.  I still find myself painting at the kitchen table off and on, but with young kids I can’t lock myself away just for the sake of  some little lead guys.

Also on the plus side I finished more mini’s in ’12 than ’11.  Ok it’s only a whopping 2, but advancement counts.  I’ve also set the table for a good ’13 with 20+ FOW tank mini’s nearing completion and another 15 bases of infantry primed and waiting the brush.  My six-year old is wanting to “help” paint some tanks, so over the last few days I’ve been building some M4 Shermans for his eager attentions.

For Christmas, I found a copy of X-Wing under the tree and both my 3 and 6 year olds have been eager to play!

On the minus side:  I didn’t make my pledge.  I really didn’t even come close.  If I hadn’t gotten sick over Christmas I might have made it to half-way, perhaps not.

Even more disappointing, for the first time since I graduated from college nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t get in a game, much less a convention.   Usually I at least get to one of the three HMGS-East events, but this year they all fell on bad weekends for either work or family.

Blog-wise I had hoped to make at least weekly posts in addition to the monthly wrap-ups, this really didn’t happen.  Photos have been a no-go with the ongoing constrution in the workshop taking away my photo lighting.  I did get 872 pageviews and post 28 times.

Final Miniatures Stats  for 2012:

Purchased For 2012:     54  +  (194 pro-painted)

Painted For 2012:     16

Blog Posts: 28

Books read: 20

Painting Pledge progress (one 25mm equivalent/week) at year end with 16 minis done leaves me at -36 for the year.


2011 Year End Wrap-up

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Year End Wrap-ups

2011 is now but a memory.  I had high hopes for getting back in the groove with some hobbytime.  Real life of course had other ideas.  I got a ton of things started but didn’t manage to get much moved onto the table, nor did I really get that much gaming in.  2012 dawns another  year so we shall see what happens.  Here’s the number of my 2011 hobby.

Miniatures Stats  2011:

Bought For 2011:     252

Painted For 2011:     14

Difference:               -238

Last year I bought 27 and painted 8.  So I did increase my painting output, just not as much as I had hoped.

May–finished 12 28mm Eureka Teddy Bear Pirates and 1 accompanying gun

June–finished 1 1:2400 Panzerschiffe  Graf Spee

I started into another project of a Flames of War army and finally finished up a project of the Eureka Teddy Bear Pirates.  I also got about 50% done on a BloodBowl team and around 33% done on another 10 or so 1:2400 WWII ships.  My ever present 18mm AB Napoleonics saw around 50% painted on another unit of British Line.  I also got a varying amout done of half a dozen 25mm Reaper fantasy figures.

This blog saw a hit an miss year.  I managed to eke out 39 posts.  I was aiming for at least 1/week in addition to the monthly wrap ups so I fell short there.  Blog hits for the year were 1,275, up from 301 the previous year.  My most popluar post was a review of worklight I bought from IKEA.  I need to work on more quality content for the next year.

That’s the year in a nutshell.  I’ll post more on my plans for 2012.

2010 Year End Wrap-up

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Year End Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats  2010:

Bought     27

Painted     8

2010 already gone? it seems like I hardly knew you.  I really didn’t get much done on the mini’s front.  I think I bought the fewest mini’s in a year since I got into the hobby.  I tried to focus on completing project that I already had started.  I made progress on several projects but just haven’t been able to put numbers in the finished column.

I did however make major strides in getting my workshop up and running.  Going from essentially bare walls at the turn of last year, on to having light, heat, floors, and a workbench closing out 2010.  Next up is getting some Formica on the benchtop and shelves over the bench.

On the homefront, my wife, son, and I welcomed a daughter to our family in May and finalizing our adoption in December.  Bigger and more enjoyable events than anything the hobby holds, I don’t begrudge “losing” hobby time to my family.

Onward into 2011!