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2012 was a hit and miss year on the hobby front.

On the plus side my workshop is more or less complete.  I now have hobby space with a well-lit workbench, sink, and storage space.  This gets my hobby stuff, especially paints and sharp objects, out of reach of my kids hands.  I still find myself painting at the kitchen table off and on, but with young kids I can’t lock myself away just for the sake of  some little lead guys.

Also on the plus side I finished more mini’s in ’12 than ’11.  Ok it’s only a whopping 2, but advancement counts.  I’ve also set the table for a good ’13 with 20+ FOW tank mini’s nearing completion and another 15 bases of infantry primed and waiting the brush.  My six-year old is wanting to “help” paint some tanks, so over the last few days I’ve been building some M4 Shermans for his eager attentions.

For Christmas, I found a copy of X-Wing under the tree and both my 3 and 6 year olds have been eager to play!

On the minus side:  I didn’t make my pledge.  I really didn’t even come close.  If I hadn’t gotten sick over Christmas I might have made it to half-way, perhaps not.

Even more disappointing, for the first time since I graduated from college nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t get in a game, much less a convention.   Usually I at least get to one of the three HMGS-East events, but this year they all fell on bad weekends for either work or family.

Blog-wise I had hoped to make at least weekly posts in addition to the monthly wrap-ups, this really didn’t happen.  Photos have been a no-go with the ongoing constrution in the workshop taking away my photo lighting.  I did get 872 pageviews and post 28 times.

Final Miniatures Stats  for 2012:

Purchased For 2012:     54  +  (194 pro-painted)

Painted For 2012:     16

Blog Posts: 28

Books read: 20

Painting Pledge progress (one 25mm equivalent/week) at year end with 16 minis done leaves me at -36 for the year.


Since October I’ve been making slow but relatively steady progress on finishing out the workshop.  October saw the bench go in.  November brought the formica top to the bench, shelves, trim around the top, and fluorescent lights over the bench surface.  Next up a sink of some sort, then a big rearrangement and reshuffling of storage and stowage.  A big thank-you to my father for doing the majority of the work the last couple of months in between the time I’ve been able to carve out.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the bench space.

Benchtop and shelves

Bench with trim, shelves, and lights.

Workbench set-up

I may have to put some spacers under the valence lights so the shelf valence doesn’t cut them off so much.  Here’s one more pic with the overhead lights out.  I’ve got just enought light to work at the bench without having to have the overheads on.

Bench overheads turned off

Good thing I’ve captured this in a picture, it may never be this uncluttered again!

Finally a permanent  benchtop installled!  10 feet of dedicated workspace (or to be realistic, space to gather clutter…).

I have a nice quartersawn white oak board to cover the front face of angle iron, I just need to find time to sand and finish it.

Then, it’s on to the next phase, shelves over the bench, starting with a bottom shelf/valenced light.

1st pic- The bench, 1/2″ cabinet grade particle board.  I’m testing finishes on some scrap.  Right now I think I’ll use 2-3 coats of clear polyurethane.

2nd pic- bench supports, if these don’t hold a bench-top, nothing will- 5/8″ angle iron on 2×6 red oak planks screwed into the studs.

3rd pic- Another view of the bench.

Miniatures Stats June 2010:

Bought for Month:      10                                                 For 2010:     11

Painted for Month:    0                                                  For 2010:     8

June seems to have flown by.  I went ahead and bought my next couple of projects, 1/2400 Panzerschiffe ships for the Battle of the Denmark Straight and Battle of the River Platte.  I also finally got the A/C installed in my workshop and have bought the temperature and humidity down to more tolerable levels to work in.

WIP Workshop part 3

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Workshop

It’s been a while since my last post about the workshop.  The new workshop has progressed with fits and starts, but it’s now operational on a temporary basis until I have time to get a benchtop home and installed.  Also, I need to get the air conditioner installed ASAP.  The room’s well enough insulated that it’s ok for now but with the forecast to be in the 80’s for the next week that will probably not last long.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took before starting the big move in.

Floor’s Down

Heater is in.

Mounts for the workbench in and ready for benchtop.  (Note: don’t use linseed oil for a wood finish in a small room, still a bit heady in there almost 3 months later)

And a couple of quick shots of my old workspace AKA Madelyn’s Room:

Purchases for the month:

13 Eureka 28mm Teddy Bear Pirates (for a Christmas present)

106 AB 18mm (the finish of a British Division, and a French Division for Age of Eagles)

I finally managed to make good progress on the workshop with the assistance of my father, electric and heat in and functional, and ceiling insulated.

Painting completion progress was reasonable as well.

24 AB 18mm British Line


Gads, I just realized it’s been over two months since I posted last, time flies when you rejoin the gainfully employed ranks.

I didn’t manage to finish any mini’s in either August nor September.  I am (really) getting close to wrapping up my 1st brigade of AB 18mm British Line.  I need to do the touch ups, flock the bases, get a flag (I haven’t found ones I like yet), and clear coat.  I’m also trying to finish up some of Eureka’s SYW teddy bears that I rediscovered in a drawer.

The workshop was on hiatus due to lack of cash flow, with a job in hand, I plan to get back at it in October, finishing up the electric, insulating the ceiling and putting in flooring as cash flow allows.  I’d really like to have it buttoned up and functional before the temperature is below freezing.