2017 behind, 2018 ahead.

Posted: January 8, 2018 in HMGS, Year End Wrap-ups


Proved to be a “not much to see here” year on the war gaming front.

My oldest son and I did manage to make it to HMGS ColdWars in the Spring.  It was his first convention of any sort and he apparently enjoyed it, since he has asked all year if we can go again this year.

On the year I bought little, mainly a SAGA Viking force, a couple of things out of the close-out bin at a local gaming shop, and the Blucher rules by Sam Mustafa.  I was gifted the cardsets for Blucher for my birthday and Christmas. I completed painting even less. I managed to prime the previously mentioned SAGA Vikings and a few other minis, but completed none.


I’m going to keep a really short list of hobby goals for the year:

  1. Go to ColdWars with my oldest son.
  2. Finish the SAGA Vikings
  3. Get Blucher on the table in a least card form.
  4. Find something to paint with my daughter.  She wants to paint with me, but doesn’t like anything I have in the mountain of lead.
  5. Paint at least 1 mini per month out of that mountain of lead.
  6. Build a plastic model ship with my oldest.
  7. Build a couple of snap-together kits with my youngest. (We finished his first model yesterday!  A snap-tite model of a Jeep Wrangler.  He wants to take it to kindergarten for show & tell this week.)


  1. Jerry Lannigan says:

    It’s great that you have this family involvement with your hobby. When your youngest goes to kindergarten with his model, be certain to give him a nicely padded box so the model will be protected. Has he asked to do another model?

    • Mark says:

      Thanks for the reminder to box that model up so it doesn’t get beat up! And yes, he wants to build more. One of these weekends we will be making a trip to the nearest models shop so he can pick out his next build.

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