Painting Pledge for 2013

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Painting Pledge

I’m repeating my 2012 painting pledge for 2013.  Though I only managed 16 painted for last year, the pledge had me pondering how to keep at it.  Keeping at it for 2013 should motivate me to sit down with a brush more than not having a pledge.

My pledge is paint a miniature for each week, but not necessarily completed each week.  In other words complete a minimum of fifty-two 25mm miniature equivalents for the year.  Here’s how I’m going to “score” it, based on what I’m hoping to paint in the next year.

1/1200 Napoleonic ship painted and rigged = 2

25mm/28mm  figure, FOW tank/large vehicle, 1/2400 ship = 1

15mm/18mm figure, FOW small vehicle, 1/285 plane, 1/285 tank/vehicle = 0.5

6mm figure = 0.25

My rewards for keeping on target:  1) No new single mini purchases until 26 points accumulated.  2) No new units added for current projects until all 52 points scored.  3)  No new projects unless 104 points scored.


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