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Painting Pledge for 2013

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Painting Pledge

I’m repeating my 2012 painting pledge for 2013.  Though I only managed 16 painted for last year, the pledge had me pondering how to keep at it.  Keeping at it for 2013 should motivate me to sit down with a brush more than not having a pledge.

My pledge is paint a miniature for each week, but not necessarily completed each week.  In other words complete a minimum of fifty-two 25mm miniature equivalents for the year.  Here’s how I’m going to “score” it, based on what I’m hoping to paint in the next year.

1/1200 Napoleonic ship painted and rigged = 2

25mm/28mm  figure, FOW tank/large vehicle, 1/2400 ship = 1

15mm/18mm figure, FOW small vehicle, 1/285 plane, 1/285 tank/vehicle = 0.5

6mm figure = 0.25

My rewards for keeping on target:  1) No new single mini purchases until 26 points accumulated.  2) No new units added for current projects until all 52 points scored.  3)  No new projects unless 104 points scored.


2012 was a hit and miss year on the hobby front.

On the plus side my workshop is more or less complete.  I now have hobby space with a well-lit workbench, sink, and storage space.  This gets my hobby stuff, especially paints and sharp objects, out of reach of my kids hands.  I still find myself painting at the kitchen table off and on, but with young kids I can’t lock myself away just for the sake of  some little lead guys.

Also on the plus side I finished more mini’s in ’12 than ’11.  Ok it’s only a whopping 2, but advancement counts.  I’ve also set the table for a good ’13 with 20+ FOW tank mini’s nearing completion and another 15 bases of infantry primed and waiting the brush.  My six-year old is wanting to “help” paint some tanks, so over the last few days I’ve been building some M4 Shermans for his eager attentions.

For Christmas, I found a copy of X-Wing under the tree and both my 3 and 6 year olds have been eager to play!

On the minus side:  I didn’t make my pledge.  I really didn’t even come close.  If I hadn’t gotten sick over Christmas I might have made it to half-way, perhaps not.

Even more disappointing, for the first time since I graduated from college nearly 20 years ago, I didn’t get in a game, much less a convention.   Usually I at least get to one of the three HMGS-East events, but this year they all fell on bad weekends for either work or family.

Blog-wise I had hoped to make at least weekly posts in addition to the monthly wrap-ups, this really didn’t happen.  Photos have been a no-go with the ongoing constrution in the workshop taking away my photo lighting.  I did get 872 pageviews and post 28 times.

Final Miniatures Stats  for 2012:

Purchased For 2012:     54  +  (194 pro-painted)

Painted For 2012:     16

Blog Posts: 28

Books read: 20

Painting Pledge progress (one 25mm equivalent/week) at year end with 16 minis done leaves me at -36 for the year.