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A quick review of the Warpaint product from Battlefront.

I’ve been using the SP04 German Armour (mid/late) for Flames of War lately on a German Panzer Lehr company that I’ve been working up.  This retails for $12.00 (US) per can on both the Battlefront storefront and at my local game shop.  While it’s quite a bit pricier than the Wal-mart spray primer I usually use (~$2.00/can), I’ve found it worth the price so far, especially in terms of time saved in getting a base color on armor.  Coverage is good, although you have to be careful not to fill in detail on 15mm figures.  It has a much heavier consistency than spray primer so keep that in mind as you spray.  I’ve decided that I prefer to spray it over a white primer basecoat to give it some more “grab” on the model.  For the cost of some cheap primer, I think it’s worth the time to make sure this more expensive paint gets better hold and smoother coverage.  One quick warning is that this paint stays tacky much longer than spray primer and with its heavier consistency it can pick up fingerprints quite well.  I’ve sprayed in a variety of temperatures from below bottom of the range (~60F) up through the mid 80’s F and haven’t had issues.  I have only used these on relatively low humidity days so far.  It’s looking like I will easily get a fair sized company’s worth of armor done out of 1 can (around 40 pieces).  I’ll update when the can runs dry on how much armor it covered.

Overall, I’ll buy more of these colors if I’m painting up armor.  For the ease of getting a smooth basecoat down, they beat my ability to brush one on.  I like the time savings and ease of use.


This just in from  TOWNN (The Occasional Wargamer Network News):

The Graf Spee has now joined the fleet.  A Panzerschiffe design in the 1:2400 scale was launched off the ways several months ago.  Recently TOWNN has obtained pictures of this vessel outfitted in a relatively crude camouflage pattern that must have been applied underway during sea trials.  Rumor has it that the HMS Hood is nearing completion on the ways and will soon launch for sea trials as well.  Several other vessels were spotted in the yard in various states of construction, but our source was unable to gather any word or picture of these ships.

(I was disappointed in how the camo scheme came out on this one.  It turned into one of those projects that the more I tried to touch it up the further off the mark it got.  I need to order some bases from Litko or somewhere to provide a decent berth and room for a nameplate.)

February 2012 Wrap-up

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Monthly Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats February 2012:

Bought for Month:     0                                                 For 2012:     4

Painted for Month:    0                                                 For 2012:     0

How busy did February end-up?  Well it’s already 5 days into March before I could even get to this wrap-up.  I don’t even have any progress to report.  February turned out to be a no-go month for the hobby.  With my wife still recovering from her surgery, I was busy being Mr. Mom when I wasn’t at work.  Also, a board I serve on had a large issue come up toward the end of the month that will continue to take a goodly bit of my time to stay on top of.  In short, February was a bit longer than the usual month, but I was even shorter on hobby time.  I couldn’t even make it occasional.