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September 2011 Wrap-up

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Monthly Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats September 2011:

Bought for Month:      49                                                 For 2011:     198

Painted for Month:     0                                                  For 2011:     14

Bought: 1 Battlefront Panzergrenadier platoon box  (43 figures + 4 halftracks)

2 Battlefront Panzer IV-H’s

Finished: 0

I’ve gotten half a dozen 1/2400 ships to various stages of completion and have been working away at Panzer IV-H’s and the Panzergrenadiers, but have nothing done to finish out the month.  Next month should have some models move to the completed ranks.  I’ve also cleaned up the 15mm Rebel mini zombies and survivors and am debating what to base them on.


Yesterday, I looked back at my older WIP’s.  Today, it’s all about the oh, shiny projects that have popped up over the last year.

First off is a German Panzer Lehr Tank Company for Flames of War.  I’ve been tempted by FoW for years, but resisted because I just didn’t have too much time to actually game.  Now that my kids are a bit older (5 and 2).  I’m starting to have some time to get games in.  The natural thing to do is go with what’s being played at my FLGS.  So, I took the plunge over the last couple of months and have been working on a box of Panzer IV-H’s, a box of Panzer Grenadiers, and a couple of  Pz IV-H’s for a command platoon.  I’ve pretty much set aside most other work until I get a basic company painted and on the table.

Second is a group of Panzerschiffe 1/2400 ships I bought last year.  I really enjoy naval gaming and now that I’ve got a start these should paint up pretty quickly.  They will follow the FoW stuff.

Third are some random Reaper 25mm fantasy figures that had snuck in the box that was holding the gladiators.  Just some one-off figures that would work good if some friends and I ever get back to our semi-regular D&D sessions.   Since they are already primed and ready to paint, I’ll keep them out for a break in the WWII camo.

Last of the shiny newness aren’t really new, but I’ve got an urge to get at.  Langton Napoleonic sailing ships, which I bought 4 or 5 years ago and never really figured out a process to systematically paint them up.  The other day I came across a couple of different blogs that had breakdowns of a serial painting series for getting these beauties painted up.  It got my interest back in pulling them out of mothballs.  As I move the German Panzers off, I’ll be setting up the slipway to fit out and rig these ships.

A couple of weeks ago, I looked back at my old WIP to do list from May 2010.  Today, I’m taking a look at what’s accumulated on my crowded table and ponder how to get some of these projects onto the table and out of the WIP pile.

1) Pig Tickler–When I was stowing the Gladiators (see #2) I found where these guys had gotten off to.  I’m debating how I want to finish them off.  Either finish up the basic block painting and dip, or since they are a small group, go all in with highlights and drybrushing.  It requires more thought.

2) 25mm Gladiaors —  I’m going to put these guys in the storage rack and get them off of the painting table.  I can’t find any inspiration to work on them at this time.  I’m not ready to sell them off, but they’re just collecting dust as is.  I’ll box them for a rain day.

3)  British Line Unit #2 — They are still in the queue, I spent about an hour painting red coats on the other evening.  I either need to grind it out or hope for fresh inspiration from starting to read the third volume of Thunder on the Danube .

4) sealing the rest — still waiting on the humidity to get down, all I need is a day below 50% and I’ll give it a go.

Next time I’ll talk about the newer and shinier stuff that’s distracting me from finishing these projects.  Of course, part of the fun of the hobby is the new and shiny, so it’s not at all bad.

Current Reading September 2011

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Books

Currently I am Reading:

1809 Thunder on the Danube: Napoleon’s Defeat of the Habsburgs  Volume III: Wagram and Znaim by John H. Gill

I finally got around to getting the 3rd and final volume of this excellent history of the 1809 Danube Campaign.  It’s getting my interest in Napoleonics stirred back up, which is good since I have a couple hundred AB’s to paint up.

Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

Since I read A Game of Thrones, I had to go on to the next volume.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits  by Philip Fisher

This one’s still MIA this month, it will turn up one of these times.

Winning on Purpose  by John Edmund Kaiser

“How to Organize Congregations to Succeed in Their Mission”  Our Ministry Council of Lay Elders and Pastors is reading through this together to give us perspective on where we stand as a Council, Congregation, and Church body.

What I’ve finished Reading:

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

Picked up a copy in the Borders purge.  It was a good read, almost a page-turner.  Interesting setting and set-up for a series.  I can see why HBO picked it up for a series.  I’ll have to rent the vids when HBO gets around to releasing them.

In May 2010, I posted on my Works in Progress portion of the ole lead pile and where I hoped to be with it.  I thought I would revisit those thoughts and see where I’m at almost 18 months down the road.

1) SYW Teddy Bears  — complete except waiting on flag and the humidity to drop so I can seal them.  (88% humidity today, sigh)

2) Pig Tickler — I forgot about these guys, they must be filed in a box somewhere.  I need to dig them out.

3) Gladiators — still in a work box, everytime I look at them, I just can’t get inspired to finish them up.

4) Teddy Bear Pirates — complete

5) British Line Unit #1 — still waiting on flag and sealing

6) British Line Unit #2 — Maybe 50% done.  It’s become THAT project.  You know the one that everytime you sit down to you get interrupted and have to stop.  I can work on other stuff for hours, but if I even touch these guys….

As you can see, I haven’t got a lot done on this part of the pile  3 of 6 done or waiting on sealing in 18 months.  It does seem that I really need to order some unit flags to move some more out of the depot and into the field.  Time to pay a visit to the Flag Dude.

August 2011 Wrap-up

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Monthly Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats August 2011:

Bought for Month:      0                                                 For 2011:     149

Painted for Month:     0                                                  For 2011:     14

Nothing bought, nothing finished.  Made some minor progress on the Blood Bowl team and the British Line troops.

Outside of the hobby it was a busy and fun month.  My wife and I spent a nice weekend in Ohio wine country last weekend for an early anniversary get away.  My sister and her family visited for a few days early in the month. We took the kids to the Pittsburgh Zoo another  and made it to The Great Stoneboro Fair to finish out the “summer season.”   Add in a couple of extra days at work and the month was pretty well shot.

Onward into fall!