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Current Reading April 2011

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Books

Currently I am Reading:

The War of Wars by Robert Harvey

“The Epic Struggle between Britain and France 1789-1815″  Still working my way thorough this one.  As I’ve mentioned the last couple of months not a bad read, Harvey’s best writing continues to be the chapters on the nautical aspects of the era.

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits  by Philip Fisher

One of the foundational books on investing.  I usually read one or more solid (non-fad type) books on investing in a year.  This year I decided to read Philip Fisher.  I was going to read one of several books by his son Ken Fisher, but decided to start with the older work.  It’s one of the books that lit Warren Buffett off on his career.  (Not that I’m going to make a new career out of investing).

Winning on Purpose  by John Edmund Kaiser

“How to Organize Congregations to Succeed in Their Mission”  Our Ministry Council of Lay Elders and Pastors is reading through this together to give us perspective on where we stand as a Council, Congregation, and Church body.

What I’ve finished Reading:

Red Rabbit by Tom Clancy

My father picked this up in paperback.  I had given up on Clancy after the expansive and horribly edited “Sum of All Fears”.  This wasn’t a bad read, a bit predictable.  It almost ends up being an operational compare/contrast between the CIA/KGB/SIS services of the early 1980’s.   More backstory fill for Clancy’s everyman hero Ryan as well.

The Intruders by Stephen Coonts

Continuing the story of Jake Grafton that was started in Flight of the Intruder.  I read the latter book years ago, I never realized that there were any more tales in that line.  It was a good read.  More of  a fictional account of daily life in the post-Vietnam peacetime navy, than a particular tale.


Miniatures Stats March 2011:

Bought for Month:      120                                                 For 2011:     144

Painted for Month:    0                                                  For 2011:     0

Cold Wars=fresh lead begging for paint.  The damage:

ATZ pack from Rebel Minis  54 15mm Zombies, Survivors, Hunters, and Street Punks

4  Eureka 28mm Warrior Frogs

37 AB 18mm British Highlanders

12 AB  French Cuirassier

12 AB French Lancers

1  28mm Reaper Praying Paladin

I also broke down and bought some pro-painted 15mm Napoleonics from GAJO.