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Current Reading March 2011

Posted: March 29, 2011 in Books

Currently I am Reading:

The War of Wars by Robert Harvey

“The Epic Struggle between Britain and France 1789-1815″  One of my Christmas presents, so far this appears to be a fusion of politics, grand tactics, and battle.  Light on the telling of all 3 facets, but it is ambitious as to be all this in one volume.  Still working through this one.  It continues to be a good 1 volume effort.  It reads better the further in.  Harvey’s best chapters so far seem to be his chapters on the nautical parts of the conflict.

The Intruders by Stephen Coonts

Continuing the story of Jake Grafton that was started in Flight of the Intruder.  I read the latter book years ago, I never realized that there were any more tales in that line.

What I’ve finished Reading:

Deception Point by Robert Ludlum

This is part of my parking shuttle and lunch reading for the month.  Intriguing read.  Between this and the following book, I will be reading more of Ludlum.

The Sigma Protocol by Robert Ludlum

This is part of my parking shuttle and lunch reading for the month.  It was a quite enjoyable read.


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Cold Wars ’11.  It was a very enjoyable weekend.  I managed to get in 5 games over the weekend from Thursday evening thru Saturday night.  A pretty good total and the first convention I’ve managed in the last two years.  I did not manage to make the Membership meeting, so I don’t have any idea what was so sensitive that it had to be sealed by Non-disclosure agreements.  Of course on the bright side I can’t be drug into revealing what I don’t know.

Looking around the space, it seemed pretty well attended, maybe a touch lighter that what I’ve seen in years past.  It will be interesting to see the final attendance numbers.   Strangely, I didn’t hear any talk of the recent HMGS flaps regarding Historicon/Baltimore/VFCC/directors/etc.  Usually the current body of politics is front and center in casual conversation, but not this time for myself at any rate.  A nice break considering the acid nature of some of the online chatter.

It also seemed to me that there were more families in attendance than a typical East Con, as well as both more females and younger kids.  All excellent trends, although the “gamer funk” still started to pervade as Saturday wore on.  Perhaps in addition to the Painting How-to’s, we need to consider a tutorial on hygiene.

Thursday evening (in and around waiting to get registered) I participated in Dave Kasper’s Battle of Wertingen 1805 game.  It ended up being enjoyable enough I caught it again on Friday morning.  Dave and the rest of the NOWs bunch are a good group of guys,  they get together mainly in the Cleveland area.  A tad far for regular gaming, but I’ll have to keep their NOWS Con in mind.

Friday afternoon, I took a stroll through the dealer hall and had to switch hotels.  Friday evening it was time to take Bill Gray’s new Age of Honor  rules for a spin in a nicely done scenario of Luzzara 1702 hosted by the author.  I managed to get my command mostly mangled (note for self: don’t let horse pistols choose cuirassiers for dancing partners!), but had an enjoyable game.

Saturday morning Stan Sunderwirth’s Victory Under Sail was on tap with Montagu’s Opportunity June 8, 1794.  Afternoon was actually shopping in the dealer hall.  In the evening I sat in on an hour or so of the WWPD blogcast.  The WWPD guys were giving an enjoyable show, but I can listen to the podcast at home, so off for  more gaming it was; a different Victory Under Sail scenario: Montagu’s Peril June 9, 1794.

If you like Age of Sail games (Close Action, Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Trafalger, etc.) then give Stan’s rules a try sometime.  Orders are given to squadrons instead of individual ships and keeping a squadron in good order is a plus.  They are a nice change of pace from each ship doing it’s own thing every turn.  When my fleets are big enough I’ll add this ruleset to my collection, but it starts breaking down with fewer than around 8 or 9 ships per side (i.e. 2 – 3 squadrons per side).

Overall I thought the visual standard of games is on an upswing again. Phil Viverito’s Alesia game was leading the way for stunning.  I shot a bunch of pictures, but just haven’t had time to edit and upload them.  They will follow in a future post.

Many thanks to the Cold Wars team for putting together a nicely run convention!  I know untold and uncredited hours of toil go on to make these things happen and I for one appreciate someone having the time and gumption to take it on.

Purchases ended up as follows:

ATZ pack from Rebel Minis  54 15mm Zombies, Survivors, Hunters, and Street Punks

4  Eureka 28mm Warrior Frogs

37 AB 18mm British Highlanders

12 AB  French Cuirassier

12 AB French Lancers

1  28mm Reaper Praying Paladin

2 Storage Trays from Dave’s Baggage Train

1 Fire and Fury Template, some flight pegs, some 1/285 aircraft decals, and some torpedo markers by Litko from The Last Square

Digby Smith’s Uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars from OMM

and a painted unit each of French Dragoons, French Hussars, and French Line Infantry from GAJO