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Finally a permanent  benchtop installled!  10 feet of dedicated workspace (or to be realistic, space to gather clutter…).

I have a nice quartersawn white oak board to cover the front face of angle iron, I just need to find time to sand and finish it.

Then, it’s on to the next phase, shelves over the bench, starting with a bottom shelf/valenced light.

1st pic- The bench, 1/2″ cabinet grade particle board.  I’m testing finishes on some scrap.  Right now I think I’ll use 2-3 coats of clear polyurethane.

2nd pic- bench supports, if these don’t hold a bench-top, nothing will- 5/8″ angle iron on 2×6 red oak planks screwed into the studs.

3rd pic- Another view of the bench.


Current Reading, October 2010

Posted: October 23, 2010 in Books

While I’m not making any great inroads into my lead pile I have made a dent in my stacks of reading material.

Currently I am Reading:

Under Enemy Colors by S. Thomas Russell

A good rollicking sea tale set in His Majesty’s Navy circa 1793.  In a similar mold of Hornblower and Aubrey, this one is a real page turner.  I probably should list it under books that I have read as it will not last the day.  I’ll be looking to see if there are any more in this line.  This is not as weighty a novel as O’Brian’s Aubrey series, it leans more toward the action packed pagers of Forester’s Hornblower books.

Desolation Island by Patrick O’Brian

5th book in the Maturin/Aubrey  Napoleonic age of sail series, yet another  reread for me, but good stuff for the parking shuttle at work.  I’m working my way back though the 12 or so books that I have, anticipating being able to finally continue the series.  At times life can get in the way of all hobbies, even reading.

Jesus Among other Gods by Ravi Zacharias

A Christian apologetic, comparing and contrasting Christianity with Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.  Zacharias is one of the leading Christian apologists writing today.

Books I just finished:

Hello, I Love You   Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood by  Ted Kluck

A memoir of a couples adoption journeys to the Ukraine.  Funny, serious, tear jerking, as an adoptive father I can relate to               their journey though adoptions.

The Waterloo Companion: The Complete Guide to History’s Most Famous Land Battle by Mark Adkin

I really enjoy this volume.  Lots of interesting stuff you won’t get in a straight narrative history book, plus lots of great information for a wargamer to be gleaned out of this tome.  It was a good enough volume that I’m going to put his other companion books on my Christmas list, Gettysburg and Trafalgar.

HMS Suprise by Patrick O’Brian

3rd book in the Maturin/Aubrey  Napoleonic age of sail series, a reread for me, but good stuff for the parking shuttle at work.

The Maritus Command by Patrick O’Brian

4th book in the Maturin/Aubrey  Napoleonic age of sail series, another reread for me, but good stuff for the parking shuttle at work.

September 2010 Wrap-up

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Monthly Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats September 2010:

Bought for Month:      0                                                 For 2010:     11

Painted for Month:    0                                                  For 2010:     8

Work, family and nice weather kept me away from the painting table for most of the month.  I got 5 1:1 scale trees planted on my property as well as 1 small and 1 large flower beds replanted with day lilies and iris.  So it wasn’t a total loss for hobbytime just the miniature hobbies took the beating.

On the smaller scale front I did get a start on some 28 mm pirate teddy bears by Eureka for a Christmas present.  I also eked out getting the redcoats on some 18mm AB Brits, but didn’t get anything completed for the month.

Onward to October (where has this year gone, seemingly in a flash)