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Current Reading, September 2010

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Books

My gaming, modeling, and painting may be on the occasional side, one hobby that I do on a continual basis is read.  Typically I have 3 or 4 books going at a time.

Currently I am Reading:

The Waterloo Companion: The Complete Guide to History’s Most Famous Land Battle by Mark Adkin

I’m really enjoying this volume.  Lots of interesting stuff you won’t get in a straight narrative history book, plus lots of great             information for a wargamer to be gleaned out of this tome.

HMS Suprise by Patrick O’Brian

3rd book in the Maturin/Aubrey  Napoleonic age of sail series, a reread for me, but good stuff for the parking shuttle at work.

Hello, I Love You   Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood by  Ted Kluck

A memoir of a couples adoption journeys to the Ukraine.  Funny, serious, tear jerking, as an adoptive father I can relate to               their journey though adoptions.

Books I just finished:

U.S. Battleships, An Illustrated Design History by Norman Friedman

Interesting, abet dry read of the progress through the era of the battleship by the US Navy.   I enjoyed this book, but if you don’t appreciate a lot of technical information, you’ll be bored beyond tears.  You have to have a real keen interest in the design and progress of the battleship to work your way though this book.   I was partially successful, but I did skim though several long portions of theoretical designs that never made it off of the drafting tables.

The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian: The original adventures of the greatest sword and sorcery hero of all time! by Robert E. Howard

The first 1/3 of Howard’s Conan stories in order as they were written.  Outstanding!