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August 2010 Wrap-up

Posted: August 31, 2010 in Monthly Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats August 2010:

Bought for Month:      0                                                 For 2010:     11

Painted for Month:    0                                                  For 2010:     8

I bought 2 painted GHQ ships off of e-Bay.   I started a Great Ape Lord from Reaper and the knight I posted a pick of in my last blog update and that’s about it for the month.


A couple of shots of what I’ve been working on lately.  First up is a unit of AB British Line based for Age of Eagles.  I’m pondering what flags to use with these and need to finish the bases and seal then they’ll be ready to take the field.  Following that is a Reaper 25mm fantasy figure of an adventuring knight (02748: Sir David sculpted by Sandra Garrity)

I went ahead and ordered 10 ships from Panzerschiffe in June.  At this point the storefront seems to have a Paypal option, but it doesn’t actually let you place an order.  For an initial order they request a money order be mailed with the order form (future orders can be by personal check).  Turn around time was about 1 week.  Not bad at all considering both ends of the order had to travel by USPS.  The order came packed in a small cardboard box.  Ships inside were bundled in a plastic bag surrounded by packing peanuts, perfectly fine for these resin castings.

I ordered Bismarck, Prinz Eugen (aka Hipper class), Hood, and Prince of Wales (aka King George V class) for the Battle of the Denmark Straight and Graf Spee, Exeter, Kent, Suffolk, and 2 Leanders for the Battle of the River Platte.  Also ordered was USS Olympia to round the order out to an even $50.00.

Pics below are straight from the shipping box before cleaning up.  The casts are clean, they just need gently touched a couple of places with a very fine grit sanding stick before they are ready to prime.  Details are clean and well formed, all in all nice models for the price.  GHQ have much more detail, but also run around 3 times the price.  At some point I will get some side-by-side comparison shots with a corresponding GHQ/Panzerschiffe pair.

1st pic below         l. to r. :  Prinz Eugen, Bismarck, Graf Spee

2nd pic below       l. to r.  Prince of Wales, Hood

3rd pic below        l. to. r.   Exeter, Kent, Suffolk, and a pair of Leanders

4th pic below        USS Olympia