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Keeping with the vein of future planning, I’ve been thinking about my next purchase.  I want to get some 1/2400 ships on the table to use with Seekrieg V rules.  I have some 1/6000’s and they are fine, but I think they’re a bit small to get attention at a couple of local conventions.  I’ve been looking to 1/2400 to give a bit more visual pop to demo games.

My debate started with how many GHQ’s could I afford.  I love GHQ Micronaughts. I own several and will continue adding them to my collection.  I really think they can’t be beat for the detail they offer, however all that fabulous detail comes at a price.  I started looking at some of the other 1/2400 ship lines and have ended up going to try Panzershiffe’s.

Basically, my reasoning comes down to price.  For example, to go with GHQ for the Battle of the Denmark Strait’s 4 main combatant’s (Bismarck, Prinz Eugen, Hood, and Prince of Wales) would run around $50.00.  Whereas Panzerschiffe for the same ships would run $18.00 or for the same money I can get the ships for both the Battle of the River Platte and Denmark Strait.  Panzerschiffe will paint up faster without all the detail and construction to do and the resin should hopefully prove  more durable than the fine bits on GHQ models.