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WIP Workshop part 3

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Workshop

It’s been a while since my last post about the workshop.  The new workshop has progressed with fits and starts, but it’s now operational on a temporary basis until I have time to get a benchtop home and installed.  Also, I need to get the air conditioner installed ASAP.  The room’s well enough insulated that it’s ok for now but with the forecast to be in the 80’s for the next week that will probably not last long.

Here’s a couple of pictures I took before starting the big move in.

Floor’s Down

Heater is in.

Mounts for the workbench in and ready for benchtop.  (Note: don’t use linseed oil for a wood finish in a small room, still a bit heady in there almost 3 months later)

And a couple of quick shots of my old workspace AKA Madelyn’s Room:


May 2010 Wrap-up

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Monthly Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats May 2010:

Bought for Month:      0                                                 For 2010:     1

Painted for Month:    0                                                  For 2010:     8

May started out with the much anticipated arrival of our daughter, Madelyn.  This cheerful waif has captured everyone’s hearts.  I would dearly love to share her pics, but that will have to wait until we have our adoption finalized in a few months, due to our agency’s policy.

Hobbywise, I really didn’t get much done except for moving my hobby pile out of what is now Madelyn’s room into my new workshop.  I did find several projects I had forgotten about and have attempted to arrange the rest of my hobby plan for the rest of  2010.  I posted the first of a couple articles about the sorting of stuff a few days ago.

Since I’ve moved a fair chunk of my hobby stuff to the new workshop, I’ve been evaluating the stack of different projects and bits of projects I’ve unearthed out of various stashing places.   I’ve decided for planning purposes to make a list of projects as primary, secondary, tertiary, and clear out.

My primary projects are projects that I have most or all of the material to finish up and can reasonable get done with what’s left of the calendar year.  Secondary projects either can’t be finished this year time-wise or I still need to buy a bunch of stuff for.  My tertiary projects are things I still have an interest in, but am just not fired-up to work on at this point.  Clear out is just that, whatever I decide I have no interest in or  I have an interest but no will to ever actually complete.

This month I’ll line up my primary projects (also known as the dusty half-dozen). [my wishful thinking deadline in brackets]

1) 28mm SYW Teddy Bears from Eureka.  These 8 bears have been lurking and dodging dust bunnies for at least 6 or 7 years and were supposed to have been a gift to boot.  I just have to get these knocked-out.  The mini’s themselves are done, all that is left is to get a suitable display base for them.  99% done.  [June 15-ish]

2) 28mm Pig Tickler from Eureka.  I’ve been plodding along at these for a couple of  years now, time to get them off of the painting and onto the gaming table. 75% done.  [August 1-ish]

3) 28mm Gladiators from Foundry.  Yet another mostly completed project that lost steam.  I actually forgot about these guys until I opened their box.  Way past time to move them from 75% done to done and ready to face-off.  [September 30-ish]

4) 28mm Pirate Teddy Bears from Eureka.  These are a Christmas gift  so they the firmest  deadline.  Spray primed. [December 24]

5)  18mm AB British line unit #1.  These guys are really close to the field.  Just need to find some flags I like, get the bases textured and flocked, then seal the unit.  Can’t stop now… 95% done. [June 30-ish]

6) 18mm AB British Line unit #2.  These aren’t nearly as dusty as the rest since I just started them in March, I just have to get back at them so the dust bunnies don’t carry them off. 30% done.  [December 31]

April 2010 Wrap-up

Posted: May 1, 2010 in Monthly Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats April 2010:

Bought for Month:      0                                                 For 2010:     1

Painted for Month:    0                                                  For 2010:     8

April just didn’t happen hobbywise.  I made meager progress on my AB Brits, didn’t snap a photo all month, and that was about it.  May will probably not bring any great shakes hobbywise either as our adopted daughter will be coming home to us the 1st week of the month.  I’m eager to become a Dad to our second child, so the hobby front will as always be occasional.