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Gads, I just realized it’s been over two months since I posted last, time flies when you rejoin the gainfully employed ranks.

I didn’t manage to finish any mini’s in either August nor September.  I am (really) getting close to wrapping up my 1st brigade of AB 18mm British Line.  I need to do the touch ups, flock the bases, get a flag (I haven’t found ones I like yet), and clear coat.  I’m also trying to finish up some of Eureka’s SYW teddy bears that I rediscovered in a drawer.

The workshop was on hiatus due to lack of cash flow, with a job in hand, I plan to get back at it in October, finishing up the electric, insulating the ceiling and putting in flooring as cash flow allows.  I’d really like to have it buttoned up and functional before the temperature is below freezing.