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July, here and gone.

I managed some further creeping progress on the new workshop.  Painting is done and electrical outlets and switches are hooked up.  I ran into a snag with the door as the humidity rose it would no longer shut.  We had to pull the frame and all and will have to plane the frame down some to let it fit.  Unfortunately, this project will stall after fixing the door until, I get established in my new job and cashflow resumes.  Next major purchases are the flooring, lighting,  and breakers for the electrical panel.

On a smaller scale, I’ve almost knocked out my first unit for Age of Eagles, a 7 stand unit of British line using 18mm AB figs.  Just a few touch ups and basing to do then I’ll post some pics of the finished unit.


Pics for yesterdays post.

Posted: July 11, 2009 in Workshop


Progress on the Workshop

Posted: July 10, 2009 in Workshop

A great day weather wise, moderate temperatures and humidity, perfect for some 1:1 scale painting.  I got the top coat on the ceiling (I guess you could call it the bottom coat since it’s on a ceiling) and the wall primed.  It only took just short of a month to get back to where I left off.   I really didn’t mean for progress on the workshop to be as occasional as my gaming.  Pics to follow at a later date, probably when the walls are done.  The weather is supposed to cruddy for painting outside tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get to change scales and work on some 15mm British Napoleonics.