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Well, it’s always a matter of what to work on next in a hobby like miniature wargaming, and my hobby habits are no exception.  My most current interest is a unit of 18mm AB British line for Quatre Bras using Age of Eagles.  Also, on the work bench are 6mm French for Grande Armee. I know, two scales going for one period, such is wargaming.  Hanging around the benchtop are also some 1:1200 Langton ships for Close Action, a single 15mm M3 Stuart tank for fun, and a variety pack of Reaper fantasy for fun.  Fun being no particular ruleset or project for them at the moment.  Of course, Pig Tickler is still lurking, but I haven’t been able to get inspired to finish that project up.

I would like to be working on my new workshop but temps in the 60’s and humidity in the 90% range just means it’s pointless to try and finish the painting this week.  I could paint but it would still be wet next month at this rate.  Once I get the painting done, I can get the electrical outlets and switches in and install the air conditioner, then I can work regardless of summer humidity to finish up the basics like flooring, plumbing a sink in, and a workbench.


WIP New Workshop part 2

Posted: June 14, 2009 in Workshop

Drywall is (finally) up and painting has begun.  With any luck I should have painting done in a week and will be able to connect in the lights and outlets.