2017 behind, 2018 ahead.

Posted: January 8, 2018 in HMGS, Year End Wrap-ups


Proved to be a “not much to see here” year on the war gaming front.

My oldest son and I did manage to make it to HMGS ColdWars in the Spring.  It was his first convention of any sort and he apparently enjoyed it, since he has asked all year if we can go again this year.

On the year I bought little, mainly a SAGA Viking force, a couple of things out of the close-out bin at a local gaming shop, and the Blucher rules by Sam Mustafa.  I was gifted the cardsets for Blucher for my birthday and Christmas. I completed painting even less. I managed to prime the previously mentioned SAGA Vikings and a few other minis, but completed none.


I’m going to keep a really short list of hobby goals for the year:

  1. Go to ColdWars with my oldest son.
  2. Finish the SAGA Vikings
  3. Get Blucher on the table in a least card form.
  4. Find something to paint with my daughter.  She wants to paint with me, but doesn’t like anything I have in the mountain of lead.
  5. Paint at least 1 mini per month out of that mountain of lead.
  6. Build a plastic model ship with my oldest.
  7. Build a couple of snap-together kits with my youngest. (We finished his first model yesterday!  A snap-tite model of a Jeep Wrangler.  He wants to take it to kindergarten for show & tell this week.)



Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been almost 2&1/2 years since I’ve sat to write anything on this blog.  It’s really been almost that long since I’ve done any meaningful hobby or gaming activities outside of some computer stuff.

A surprise phone call lead to adopting an already 2+ year old son in combination with a significant change in how we were scheduled at work lead to a grinding “no life” type work/life balance.  Those two things plus keeping up with my other 2 ever more active children means that hobbytime didn’t even make the back-burner for a long, long stretch.

A few months back I took a different position at work that so far has led to actually feeling like I have a life outside the confines of employment.  So finally I find myself having time to have a hobby again.  The next challenge is remembering which end of the brush to use.




The 5th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge steps off in a couple of hours!

I’m still delving though my lead mountain looking for figures to fit the theme challenges and indulging in every miniature gamers favorite past time of plotting potential new projects.

Though I may not have as many minis primed and ready for the brush as I had hoped for; I most certainly am ready to have fun painting, sharing, and enjoying the creations of the other challengers.

Let the brushes begin!

Remember, Remember…

Posted: November 16, 2014 in Painting Challenge

I figured I would spur my return with a bit of a challenge, so I’ve entered into “The Fifth Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge”.


With a theme of Remember, Remember, it seemed the perfect way to get the paints flowing and remember which end of the brush to use.  I’ve put in for 500 points, which may be a stretch, since I haven’t actually finished a model in a couple of years.

I’ve watched this challenge with great interest over the years.  There is always some amazing contributions.  I hope my own modest efforts won’t spoil the show.

Dusting off the workbench!

Posted: November 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

As the title says, I’m dusting off my workbench. It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve managed a post and pretty much the same span since I’ve picked up a brush. Sometimes life just gets busy to the point the hobbies suffer. A change of schedules at work and a little phone call pretty well has kept mine blown up for the last couple of years at any rate.

Life has been good, but just plain hectic. Things finally seem to be settling into mild pandemonium instead of absolute chaos, so hobby time is making a comeback.

January 2013 Wrap-up

Posted: February 2, 2013 in Monthly Wrap-ups

Miniatures Stats January 2013:

Bought for Month:     7                                                 For 2013:     7

Painted for Month:    0                                                 For 2013:     0

I picked up a GHQ 1/2400 DKM Bismarck and an Infinity Ariadna Merovingian Rapid Response Force box.  I already have a Panzerschiffe Bismarck and wanted to do up a GHQ in the same scheme for comparison purposes.  Infinity seems to be gaining a base, and the mini’s are great so, I thought I’d try a starter box.  They look like they’ll take some time to paint with huge level of detail for 28mm figs.

Paintwise a big schedule change at work and a free trial of EveOnline conspired to keep my forays at the workbench to a minimum.  The Eve trial is over now and I’m getting used to my new work reality so I should be able to get some painting done this weekend and finally finish the PzIV-H’s that have been on my tray for 6 months plus.

Painting Pledge progress (one 25mm equivalent/week) at 4 weeks into the year with o minis done leaves me at -4 for the year.

Painting Pledge for 2013

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Painting Pledge

I’m repeating my 2012 painting pledge for 2013.  Though I only managed 16 painted for last year, the pledge had me pondering how to keep at it.  Keeping at it for 2013 should motivate me to sit down with a brush more than not having a pledge.

My pledge is paint a miniature for each week, but not necessarily completed each week.  In other words complete a minimum of fifty-two 25mm miniature equivalents for the year.  Here’s how I’m going to “score” it, based on what I’m hoping to paint in the next year.

1/1200 Napoleonic ship painted and rigged = 2

25mm/28mm  figure, FOW tank/large vehicle, 1/2400 ship = 1

15mm/18mm figure, FOW small vehicle, 1/285 plane, 1/285 tank/vehicle = 0.5

6mm figure = 0.25

My rewards for keeping on target:  1) No new single mini purchases until 26 points accumulated.  2) No new units added for current projects until all 52 points scored.  3)  No new projects unless 104 points scored.